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Homosexuality is not an insult, Tamar Braxton

July 16, 2018
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After band members failed to show up and support a recent live performance of hers, reality tv star and singer Tamar Braxton did what people do at took to social media to anonymously blast the musicians who ditched her performance in favor of Essence Fest. Sticking his nose where it didn’t quite belong, singer Tank chimed in on IG in defense of the musicians who bailed on Tamar last minute, for some reason tagging them and dragging them into the whole mess. Tamara’s response, up until she decided to drag homophobia into it was fair! But girl done lost her mind in the petty response, referring to the aforementioned Tank as “sweet tank”, his conduct as a “bitch ass move” and the, er, “fact” that Tank “like to have your ass ate”. I mean, who doesn’t, Tamar?

The point is attempting to challenge a man’s manhood or sexual identity because you don’t like something he said is homophobia AF and you need to cut that shit out.