the power of boycott: the best way to tell the nfl & all racist companies how you feel

May 24, 2018
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One can sometimes feel powerless in the wake of the many racist policies and “incidents” experienced by Black people.
Just in the past few days, we heard about the new NFL rule aiming to prevent Black athletes from protesting police brutality and racism on the field, Black actresses arrested at Houston’s restaurant in Atlanta, and more.

A sure way to let these companies and institutions know that we don’t f*ck with them is to NOT GIVE THEM OUR MONEY, aka a good ol’ boycott.

Some boycotts are straight-forward, some require a bit more research about the owners and the other companies they own.
When Trump got elected, we shared some of the companies that support his political endeavors. When another Houston’s restaurant location acted up, people from the community successfully organized and got it shut down.
That’s right, SHUT IT DOWN!

In a capitalist world, the only language they understand is money. This also includes the things we chose to watch on TV, online, etc. Don’t watch the NFL games, they need the ratings to keep striving through advertising revenue.

Previous successful boycott campaigns include #NotOneDime, the Black Friday boycott that reminded the powers that be that they depended on us and our money (the boycott contributed to an 11% drop in sales). In this example, the boycott was not directed at one company in particular, but at the whole system. People were also encouraged to support Black-owned businesses.
Even if your goal is to reach politicians, a general boycott, or a boycott of the companies that support them is a way to make your voice heard.
Some believe in the power of voting, some highly question it, given how the system is currently set up to make any really revolutionary work within it impossible. But in a capitalist world, being mindful of where and how we spend our money can make a big difference.
Let’s reclaim our power!

– Words by Nounouche