dandyism meets delicate embroidery in this british-angolan designer’s fashion creations

April 20, 2018
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You ever been ELEGANT??

Through the eyes of designer Manuel Bravo, all you need is a touch of Dandyism and Wabi-Sabi to reach your fullest, most elegant potential, and thanks to his recently launched brand Bravo Atelier– there comes yet another gift to black fashion.

Dandyism is often used to describe a ‘man who gives exaggerated attention to personal appearance’ but where the BLACK man is concerned… it means straight opulence- in spirit and beyond.

With every piece of his latest collection being-in some way-tinged with gold, the body wearing it is instantly highlighted; dripping like fine wine with an irresistible, irreversible confidence and grace. Yes, clothing can do this.

For the black body, the way it’s dressed effects everything more- from how it’s received to how it feels- and Bravo’s designs are right on time; draping the black body with excellence. Made with ‘ethically produced’ satin, linen, and velvet, their dedication to the practice of Wabi-Sabi influences an individuality in each cloth; creating them one by one, embracing any and all forms of transience and imperfection.

Manuel Bravo has hit the mark on the head with his emroideries, creating culturally relevant fashions for the dandy at heart, and elevating the black body to its prime.

From production to the showcasing itself- shot on site in Angola- Bravo Atelier is one to watch. Check out their latest collection below!