premiere: take on the u.s.’s anti-black legacy with rapper mh the verb’s “yo america”

February 16, 2018

Hip-hop has always been a movement to raise consciousness around the plight of oppressed people, and rapper MH the Verb is taking that mandate and running with it.

His latest album, Afronaut, is a genre-bending ode to Afrofuturism, wrestling with deep themes of life while Black in America and where we might go from here. Originally written in response to the election of Donald Trump, the standout from the album “Yo America” finally gets the video treatment today. Featuring the character of the “Afronaut” exploring a deserted warehouse full of books, the video traces Black history through her futuristic vision, offering hope in the face of despair.

“Yo America, why you hate us?” raps the MC. It’s a question too many of us are still trying to figure out. Check out the video for the track above, and let us know what you think!

MH the Verb photos by Crystal Engel

The Afronaut photos by Bob Sweeney