VIDEO PREMIERE: Celebrity isn’t all it’s cracked up to be in daring video for rapper Cipherella’s infectious “Dumb Dumb”

December 1, 2017
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Hip-hop priestess in the making Cipherella is blasting this message across the globe, and we couldn’t be more for it. With the premiere of the video for her latest track “Dumb Dumb”, the Alabama-bred, NYC-based artist is using her voice to set a new tone, shaking us from our trance and grooving us in a more fulfilling direction.

More and more, it seems this generation has lost its mind to the mainstream, and with this boom-bap anthem, the self-proclaimed lyricist, humanitarian, and philosopher has made it her mission to not only discredit celebrity as a whole, but she also uses her artistic commentary to call us out–forcing us to reflect in the most rhythmic of ways. In her own words:

“I wrote ‘Dumb Dumb’ to express my frustrations with the dumbing down of society. I loath tabloid journalism and reality television, and hope people can find truth in more meaningful things. Hopefully viewers will connect with my message.”

With the project itself being as gritty as it is fabulous, “Dumb Dumb” is an unapologetic reclamation of reality, complete with an all-female cast and choreography.

Make THIS the mainstream by checking out the premiere of Cipherella‘s latest “Dumb Dumb” above!