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why is terry crews’ alleged harasser back to work while other high profile ones lost their jobs?

December 4, 2017
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Since Terry Crews came forward with his own #MeToo against Hollywood agent and head of the motion picture division at William Morris Endeavor, Adam Venit, during a party at Adam Sadler’s Hollywood home, public support for the Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor has been less than inspiring. With the exception of friends like Gabrielle Union, the response to Crew’s call out has been noticeably different from that received by the White Women who, too, have come forward with similar allegations about other industry insiders.

Worst of all, in the place of silence, others have responded by shaming and silencing the former NFL player. Morning show host
Wendy Williams threw Crews under the bus, chiding “I was asked in my meeting this morning, do I think it was brave of him to come out. I said, ‘No, it’s not brave, he’s just talking,’” Williams said on her talk show shortly after Crews made an appearance on Good Morning America. “It may have a really negative effect on his career, do you know what I mean? Being all Black and being all chatty and this agent… He named names y’all. Terry’s going in.”

Others, like accused sexual predator Russell Simmons, have, according to Crews, reached out to him to ask him to quiet down about the abuse in the industry. Through Twitter, Crews called out the former business mogul for asking him to give the man who assaulted him “a pass”, even.

Now, at the end of a 30-day suspension, Venit is headed back to work in a demoted role.

Terry Crews deserves way better.