joburg: these badass holiday gifts will light up the afropunk market

December 5, 2017
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If you can’t make it to Johannesburg for New Years for our first ever AFROPUNK Joburg, you can still scoop some of the incredible wares being featured at this year’s Joburg fest! Just in time for the fall holidays, we’ve picked out some one-of-a-kind gifts sold by vendors we’re hosting at the inaugural festival.

Wallets by Ethnology

Based in the UK, Ethnology sells bags, wallets and other goods made from reclaimed and recycled leather.


Clothing and accessories by
Afrodesiac Worldwide

Our friends at Afrodesiac Worldwide appreciate the significant of fabrik and textile prints to cultural on the continent.”Textiles are an integral part of the cultural tapestry that makes Africa such a vibrant continent. Each print represents a story. 80% of Textile sales and garment production enterprises in Ghana employ or are run by women.”

With a lil’ something for everybody, you can find dresses, jumpsuits, infinity wraps, fabrics, and accessories for the fashion-forward friends and loved ones in your life.

Body care by Hanahana Beauty

Hanahana Beauty has the lowdown on handcrafted small-batch body care. With a range of natural products, this shea-centric line will keep your skin smooth and hydrated.

Herbal blends by Dropping Seed

No, it’s not cannabis, but it’s not K2 or ‘spice’ either. Dropping Seed makes USD certified organic herbal blends for ritual healing, meditation, relaxation, etc. Safe for smoking, vaping, soaking, and drinking.

Cuffs by MARZAM

Cute as hell cuffs made by handwoven fabric from Ethiopia, “’Marzam’ stems from the Amharic word Merezem, meaning to grow or to extend. Marzam aims to grow out of Ethiopian styles and connect them with the rest of the world by using customary East African fabric and transforming it into fashion-forward looks.”

Instagram / MARZAM photos by Reece T. Williams