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black mothers fight stigmas against public breastfeeding with visual psa

December 4, 2017
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Check out this gorgeous photo series aimed at celebrating motherhood and normalizing public breastfeeding. Sure, most mother’s aren’t breastfeeding their child on gigantic boulders, but the Chocolate Milk Mommies of Birmingham are using their creativity and their community of support for one another to create a visual PSA during Black Breastfeeding Week. “We wanted to do something to capture the essence of how natural breastfeeding is,” 26-year-old Charity Moore told Yahoo. “We used crowns to remind each other that we are queens and to keep one another lifted. We chose to come together to normalize breastfeeding. And it’ll never be ‘normal,’ unless it’s seen.”

The project, which started as a Facebook group, was shot by photographer Lakisha Cohill: “I had no idea it would go viral, I just wanted to spread a beautiful, positive message through art, because these images are so powerful, and tell so many beautiful stories.

For all the haters and misogynists who don’t “get it” and think mothers should feed their children in private?

“Stop treating breastfeeding like it’s some dirty shameful act that people should keep hidden and stop doing as soon as possible,” Moore finishes. “Breastfeeding is an amazing part of life and should be celebrated, not treated like some dirty little secret.”