alt. soul artist michael dean is a one-man band on his funk’ed out single “cruisin'”

December 15, 2017
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Atlanta transplant and multi-talented musician, Michael Dean is a one-man band with a unique sound, to be sure. If forced into a corner, Dean’s is, primarily, an Alternative-Soul artist whose sound spill over into rock-n-roll, blues, and funk. He takes Motown influence and brings them full circle to the rawness captured by Black rock-n-roll pioneers and the blues from which it steamed.

“I’m really proud of the record. I wrote and played every instrument on it, bass, guitar and drum,” Dean tells AFROPUNK. “Jamie Lake (American Sushi co-owner, producer, engineer) came in with some auxiliary sounds that really helped color the songs character as well. He’s worked with people the likes of Lenny Kravitz, Bo Diddley, B.O.B., the list goes on. So when I came to him with this sound that had only existed in my head and the voice memo section in my phone I knew he was the perfect one to help bring it to life.”