black entrepreneurs bring fresh produce to low-income families with mobile grocery stores

November 17, 2017
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When you can’t survive, you can’t thrive. Which is one of the reasons why food sustainability and access in underserved communities is so important. One of the businesses taking this responsibility under their wing is Entrepreneur Jay Holmes, one of the founders of
Market Boxx Community Stores, a mobile grocery store that serves the Milwaukee area. A beautiful project and business that brings more than food to urban communities, its also bringing jobs. Each “cart” is set up like a small shed on wheels. The idea is that, in addition to selling fresh produce and deli items, Market Boxx owners will teach other members of the community how to build and run their own cart businesses, encouraging and fostering entrepreneurship for those who might not know how to even get started. “I want to be able to say I helped build this and I had a part in this because it’s going to go somewhere,” says Market Boxx
Naurice Fitzgerald.