video premiere: invigorate your revolutionary spirit with indie singer aisha badru’s mellow protest anthem “mind on fire”

September 26, 2017
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New York-based singer/songwriter Aisha Badru’s vocals are slight but soulful, airy but powerful. In her latest single, “Mind On Fire”, she uses this distinctive alternative/indie sound to soul-stirring effect that is difficult to describe but impossible not to feel. Directed by Icelandic director Thoranna “Tota” Sigurdardottir, the video for the song follows 4 women who are not actors (including Aisha), in various protest settings (and everyday settings that, for women of color, demand the same strength) over an empowering chant-like melody to inspire change.

“The song is about the revolutionary sprit that dwells inside all of us that often gets smothered underneath the mundane obligations and limitations imposed by society that keep our heads down and our attention focused on the small details of our lives which in turn prevent us from correcting the flaws that exist in the current state of the world,” Badru explained. “I hope to encourage people to have the confidence to lift their heads up, live from the heart, and create a reality we all feel proud to live in.”

Check out the powerful video above!

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