black woman creates buyblack app to connect the community to black-owned businesses

September 5, 2017
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If you’re Black and have ever been to a place you aren’t familiar with, chances are you’ve thought about how great it would be to know which businesses to support in that area so that your money goes back into the community. Sabrina Buchanan is hoping to answer that call with a new app called BuyBlack.

“The app allows users to locate black owned businesses by searching via category, zip code or state,” Buchanan explained. “I had 3 main goals in mind when creating the app:

1) To encourage black people to spend more money with black owned businesses, thereby establishing an economic base, which is the foundation of building better communities.

2) To provide an affordable marketing platform for black businesses owners, thereby curbing the stigma that black people don’t share in the entrepreneurial spirit, or that black owned businesses are low quality.

3) To stimulate partnerships between black business owners, further increasing the circulation of the black dollar, in black communities.”

The app BuyBlack launched this week, and is available on Android and iOS!