armed with that piercing gaze, solange covers another magazine in stunning editorial

September 15, 2017

Dressed in her signature steely confidence and styled in billowy jumpsuits and architectural dresses and sets by Robbie Spencer, Solange pierces the pages of AnOther magazine with hypnotizing gaze. The singer opened up about her emotive performances of her deeply personal album ‘A Seat At The Table’, black alienation in the arts, and healing and re-opening old wounds through the music.

“I’d love to say, ‘Yes I worked on the album, delivered it and it solved all of my problems and all of the complexities for me,’ but it didn’t. I’m trying to work through everything I felt on the album, it’s a work in progress,” Solange told AnOther.

Read AnOther’s entire interview with Solange, here.

Photography by: Peter Lindbergh
Hair by: JAWARA
Make-up by: Karim Rahman
Styling by: Robbie Spencer
Creative Direction by: Laura Genninger
Clothes by: Gareth Pugh Studio and Gala Colivet Dennison