street artists prove they are still a vital part of our community at afropunk

August 27, 2017
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Whether on the stage, the lawn, or the streets, AFROPUNK brings art to life.

This year, festival-goers get to watch this happen live, with spontaneous street art of all genres throughout Commodore Barry Park.

Thanks to artists like Anthony Avendano and Miguel Ovalle, AFROPUNK attendees are greeted with artistry at every turn. The soul-enriching power of Black art is always tangible, but add the illusion of random expression and it takes on a whole new meaning.

In Ovalle’s own words: “My work is a constant evolution of the unlikely aesthetic intersection of typography, architecture, technology and film.”

This is art in its purest form, and the possibilities are endless.

Historically, street art represents a marking of territory, from graffiti to murals and everything in between. When it comes to environments of color, this workmanship points to both the necessity and lack of spaces of our own. Street art has always been there, but as labels for professional art grow to encompass a wider range, what was once ostracized is now accepted–and in true AFROPUNK form, this radical art gets its play.

Check out some standout street art from today below!

Photo by: Mark Elzey  Photo by: Mark Elzey  Photo by: Damian Charles 
Photo by: Mark Elzey

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