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August 27, 2017
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We’re live from AFROPUNK Brooklyn! All weekend long keep it locked here while we bring you the sights, sounds, and energy from festival. We’ll be posting exclusive video interviews with your favorite artists, behind the scenes pictures from the event and more!

SUNDAY: 10:15pm

Feeling refreshed after such an incredible weekend at AFROPUNK Brooklyn.

SUNDAY: 10:05pm

Genre-bending with Burn.

SUNDAY: 9:31pm

The Hairstyles of AFROPUNK Illuminate Black Peoples’ Powerful Relationship With Our Hair — Click to read more.

SUNDAY: 8:59pm

Gitoo gets grimey with Dizzee Rascal.

SUNDAY: 7:44pm

Whether it’s a ping pong tournament or dance battles, Gitoo is always at the center of the action at AFROPUNK Brooklyn.

SUNDAY: 7:30pm

It doesn’t get better than this: Anderson.Paak crossing paths with Proteje before he takes the stage.

@anderson._paak + @protoje backstage chillin 🙌🏿🙌🏿 📸: @meldcole] #AFROPUNK2017 #WETHEPEOPLE

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SUNDAY: 6:59pm

Festival-favorite Sango talks about his long relationship with AFROPUNK.

SUNDAY: 6:42pm

Art has always been used to further social movements. The Metropolitan Museum of Art tells us how we can be more involved in creating change.

SUNDAY: 6:34pm

“WTF is punk?” AFROPUNK bands fight for the genre’s soul, and for our communities.

SUNDAY: 6:25pm

Kim Drew, Spike Lee and DeWanda Wise chat about the deep connection between movies and music.

A legend among us at the festival.

@officialspikelee is in the building #shesgottahaveit 📸: @antbluejr] #AFROPUNK2017

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SUNDAY: 6:18pm

It’s time to ACTIVATE with Michaela Angela Davis.

SUNDAY: 6:05pm

Son Little tells us how he overcame self-doubt to share his music with the world.

SUNDAY: 5:54pm

Blitz the Ambassador looking incredible backstage.

@blitzambassador looks like he was made to be photographed by @hassanhasajjaj_larache 👏🏿

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SUNDAY: 5:04pm

The Cool Kids are back!

SUNDAY: 4:18pm

We caught up with Kevin Abstract before he hit the stage.

👑@kevincinema #WETHEPEOPLE [📸: @erinpatriceobrien]

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SUNDAY: 4:05pm

Street artists prove they are still a vital part of our community at AFROPUNK – Click to read more.

SUNDAY: 2:58pm

Gitoo visits Macy Gray‘s hair braiding salon.

SUNDAY: 1:26pm

Princess Nokia‘s goddaughter is soooo cute! The rapper killed her set yesterday.

SUNDAY: 12:29pm

Brooklyn, are you ready for round #2?

SUNDAY: 12:00pm

These activist organizations are taking over AFROPUNK while changing New York City — Click to read more.

SATURDAY: 8:32pm

B L A C K I E fuses hip-hop and punk like no other, shutting down the Pink Stage.

Make your voice heard at #AFROPUNK2017 [📸: @meldcole]

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SATURDAY: 8:19pm

As expected, AFROPUNK fest-goers continue to make the best fashion statements. Post your favorite looks below!

AFROPUNK Brooklyn is black by popular demand. [📸: @markelzey] #AFROPUNK2017 #WETHEPEOPLE

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SATURDAY: 9:19pm

Franchesca talks to hardcore band Pure Disgust after their amazing performance!

SATURDAY: 9:03pm

Nobody dresses better than us.


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SATURDAY: 9:03pm

The Skins tore up their set!

@theskins is electric at AFROPUNK Brooklyn! [📸: @hassanhajjaj_larache] #AFROPUNK2017 #WETHEPEOPLE

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SATURDAY: 9:00pm

SZA bared it all on the stage. We love her galore.

SATURDAY: 9:00pm

Shabaka and the Ancestors backstage lookin fly

Shakaba and the Ancestors serving looks for the people [📸: @hassanhajjaj_larache] #WETHEPEOPLE

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SATURDAY: 8:00pm

Jojo Abot talks to Franchesca about her wide ranging influences

SATURDAY: 7:00pm

Anticipation is through the roof for SZA and Solange 😀

SATURDAY: 5:00pm

Gitoo chats with the one and only Willow about how she’s using music to raise consciousness.

SATURDAY: 3:00pm

Festival goers are already outdoing themselves!

Serving a look is cool but making a statement is better. [📸: @markelzey] #AFROPUNK2017 #WETHEPEOPLE

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SATURDAY: 3:00pm

The festival is goes back to its roots with the new Pink Stage for punk artists located in the middle of a skate park. Gitoo caught up with Ho99o9 to chat about headlining the new punk stage and their deep connection to AFROPUNK Brooklyn.

Click to hear more from Ho99o9.

SATURDAY: 2:30pm

All the way from Atlanta, Pay to Cum sat down to chat about their music influences and who they’re most excited to see perform at AFROPUNK Brooklyn. Watch below.

Pay to Cum keeping punk alive and well at the Pink Stage [📸: @meldcole] #AFROPUNK2017 #WETHEPEOPLE

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SATURDAY: 2:00pm

Gitoo caught up with the hilarious ladies of the feminist organization Lady Parts Justice League to ask them six rapid-fire questions. Click play and see what they had to say.