indie-rocker tyler cole enlists willow smith in alt-rock revolution anthem “blow up your tv!”

July 25, 2017
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Jumping from a croon to a yowl beneath a guitar distorted beyond comprehension, Tyler Cole delivers one hell of an opening salvo:

“Let’s get rid of it all / I’m sick of it all / There’s an answer here / We need to blow up our TVs.”

The singer / producer / director has been popping up on tracks for a few years now (particularly as a collaborator with Willow Smith), but truly comes into his own on his latest single. It’s an anthem for disaffected youth frustrated with a media that wants their views and clicks but doesn’t actually care about them. The sentiment is an old one: as long as there’s been media to co-opt youth culture and sell it back to them, there have been calls for revolution against it, but the sound and attitude are all new. Tyler Cole’s new record, We’re In Love and the World Is Ending, drops soon. If the single’s any indication it’s going to be a juggernaut.