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July 12, 2017
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To the AFROPUNK Community,


Welcome to the new AFROPUNK site! A beautiful new version of the site you know and love.

Among the new features, you will find an improved experience on your modern mobile devices; there will be a more fluid interaction between the site and AFROPUNK’s social media channels — especially the comment section, which will now be powered by Facebook comments; from now on our content is much easier to share on your social networks, whether you’re on a phone or a computer; and new forms of content tailored to the growing, passionate creative community that has been uniting under the AFROPUNK banner for almost fifteen years.

We greatly look forward to your continued engagement with and contribution to the new The initial changes may seem radical, but don’t worry, we’re taking steps towards recreating all the features you’ve known on the site.

The site serves you first — it has always been yours as much as ours — and we want to make sure that it continues to do so. Your feedback is crucial. We trust that you will let us know when we’re doing well, what we can do better, and when something isn’t working quite right.

If you’re looking to become even more involved, the new site’s FAQ and “Become a Contributor” pages should have all the information you need.

Some site features and functionalities will be disappearing for the time being — personal profiles, a few blog posts, as well as posts to the message boards and to groups (along with the photos/videos/music included in them). But fear not, we are not deleting anything; while the content may not be live, it will all be archived here. You will always be able to visit those pages, while we work to restore and re-integrate those functionalities into the new In the meantime, we are very excited to share this new site, and look forward to building the new AFROPUNK with you, into the future.

We think you’ll love it! And if you don’t, let us know. Register and tell us your thoughts about the new site in the comments below.

Thank you,

Matthew Morgan