interview: black-owned design by do to bring mixed media crafts to afropunk paris

July 12, 2017
By Awa Gueye, AFROPUNK contributor

We spoke with Do, a Paris-based fine arts graduate, whose business, Design by Do, will be vending at this year’s AFROPUNK PARIS 2017. The innovative Do of Design by Do’s work is impossible to categorize. It’s described by Do herself as a concept between painting, graphic design and fashion. She has consciously decided to move the world of painting out of fashion and into the streets, utilizing textiles as her canvas.

Look out for her clothing, lamps, vinyl discs, earrings and much more at this years highly anticipated AFROPUNK Paris market July 15th-16th, as they take their place alongside a wide range of black-owned creatives and crafts.

1. What does AFROPUNK mean to you?  

Afropunk means to me freedom, open-mindedness, the fight against discrimination and all this with a good sense of style !!!

2. What is it like to be a black owned business in Paris?

To be a business black is not for me a specificity. Being of Western origin I am part of this universe simply because it is a world that inspires me a lot and I try to explore its riches in my work. It is certain that we are quickly put into a “category” although it tends to change little by little … in any case we hope so.

3. What are some of the challenges of bringing Afrocentric businesses to big European cities?

My challenge is to present this aesthetic and cultural richness of Africa through art and craftsmanship. Appeal by my creations to a reflection, a knowledge and a modern and traditional vision of Africa.

4. What are some of the challenges of bringing Afrocentric businesses to big European cities?

I do not have a more rewarding part. All my experiences enrich me, question me, allow me to evolve. My art is a global experience of a multitude of experiences (travel, meetings, exhibitions, etc …)

5. How does AFROPUNK influence the work that you do?

AFROPUNK influences my work by its very characteristic and non-standard universe. I really like the concept. It is a festival that I like to participate in and I am very proud to be integrated in it. In this AFROPUNK concept we find a concept and a strong aesthetic that I also try to convey in my works.