black-queer couple launches lifestyle brand celebrating the resistance

July 11, 2017
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“Jesus said to love your enemies, NOT to keep their asses around” –– This is one of the messages of Blairisms, a lifestyle brand founded by DC-based, Black, queer couple, Blair and Brandon Dottin-Haley. Blairisms celebrates Blackness, queerness, and resistance in the age of Trump (“Not my fucking president!” is another Blairism), using inspirational and sometimes cheeky messages on apparel and other items.

Already boasting support from some big names in pop culture like D.L. Hughley, Blairisms alternatively feel like a laugh, a drink, and sometimes a slap in the face. Ultimately, however, the message of Blairisms is a necessary affirmation in a world that has it out for marginalized communities. “These affirmations aren’t just here to nourish the mind and soul, but also to celebrate the power of blackness, truth, justice, resistance and the ability for all of us to speak from our chests,” explains Blair. Check out some of our favorite #Blairisms below!:

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