video premiere: rockers oxymorrons reclaim rock-n-roll in a thought-provoking teaser for their upcoming album

April 17, 2017

Alt-rock band Oxymorron have a new project aimed at making a powerful statement about being viewed as a “black rock band” in genre of music black people themselves created. Through voiceover, a young WOC (featured in the commercial) talks about being the child of immigrants and how rock music was a source of bonding growing up in a multi-cultural household—as if rock-n-roll Specifically highlighting the fact that rock music ain’t just for the white people who adopted it.

“Rock Scene. From being told they weren’t American enough to play a festival in Tennessee. To consistently hearing people say “shit there black! Why do they make ‘White boy music”. The band decided not only to make a great album but also address these issues. “We wanted to build a project shedding light on not only the History of Rock & Roll but also the current struggles artist of color face within the genre our ancestors pave the way for. Yes, we do have many “non-black” allies and supporters, but we still felt the need to address the issues we face. Some of these issues also come from P.O.C., at times we are treated like we aren’t “Black” enough. We aren’t the only artist who deal with this, we just decided that we are going to start being more vocal about.” -Demi

Actress & Voice: Paige [ IG: @paigedelahoz ]
Music By: Powers Pleasant of Pro Era ( IG: @Powerspleasant)
Filmed, Directed & Edited by: A1Vision ( IG: @A1vision)
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