video premiere: queer rock & soul singer chastity brown gets us “carried away” in emotional video

April 4, 2017

Chastity Brown is that soothing blend of rock and soul that we’ve all been waiting for. The singer/songwriter’s undeniably distinctive sound has been featured on NPR’s “Favorite Sessions,” CMT, American Songwriter, The London Times, Paste Magazine and many others.

Influenced by her background, Brown’s music embraces the political, covering topics of identity and belonging. “What I’ve realized is that the personal is political,” she said in a recent interview. “Just by me being a bi-racial, half-black, half-white woman living in America right now is political. Just being a person of color, a queer woman of color, for that matter, is freaking political.”

On “Carried Away”, Brown explains, “I grew up in a trailer park in Union City, TN, with an incredible mother, brother and sister and a very abusive stepfather. There have been times throughout my life since leaving home when I experience debilitating flashbacks both while waking and asleep. Music has been my lifeline. A week after an episode, my long-time writing partner, Robert Mulrennan, sent me the music for the song now titled ‘Carried Away.’ I wrote the song over the course of that following week. It is as though some of these songs have come from a portion of my psyche that would not allow my thinking mind to filter through it.”

NYC CD release show on TUE, May 16 at the Rockwood.

Credits for “Carried Away”:
Written by Chastity Brown, © 2016 Chastity Brown Music Publishing, BMI and Robert Timothy Mulrennan, © 2016 Robert Timothy Mulrennan Publishing, ASCAP
Produced by Robert Timothy Mulrennan
Video: © Nate Ryan LLC
Chastity Brown: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals
Robert Mulrennan: Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Sampling
Greg Schutte: Drums and Percussion
DeVon Gray: Piano and Keys
Jim Anton: Bass
Michelle Kinney: Cello
Zach Kline: Violin

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