Stunning prints by Lagos-born, Canada-based designer Ify Ojo pay homage to African women

September 12, 2017

Lagos, Nigeria-born, Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada-based Ify Ojo is more than just a graphic and textile designer, she’s a storyteller. The mastermind behind the Stela Textile Design Studio, Ojo uses traditional African storytelling to combat the Western view of African people as monolithic, using beautiful fabrics to commemorate milestone events while celebrating Black women.

“By creating modern urban influenced designs that capture the vibes and expressions of a sparkling African life in contrast to the dreary and uninspiring stories often shown in the media,” Ojo explains on her website, “[m]y fabric designs challenge you to look at the old with new eyes juxtaposing ancient symbols with modern day objects.”

Some designs like “Adaora Uli” pay homage to Uli, a feminine art form of communication, while “All My Aunties” celebrates how in “every family there‚Äôs the Aunt that’s a drama queen, a story teller, a prayer warrior, a fashionista, a no filter say-it-as-it-is Aunt.”

Check out some of our favorite designs below!