brazilian rapper malik maluko talks self-esteem and racial problems in video for “olho mágico”

By Robin Batista*, AFROPUNK contributor

The Brazilian rapper Malik Maluko released the video for “Olho Mágico” (Peephole) recently, a video that carries on the same compelling vibe of his EP “Antiquado”. In “Olho Mágico” the rappers talks about the stories of his daily routine, the way that the crime life is pushed onto black men as a norm and how to stay hopeful and motivated when black people have to face racism, unemployment and economic inequality everywhere we go. How do you not to go crazy when you can’t see a good future? That’s the question he asks.

The video, recorded in a São Paulo’s peripheral region, pictures Malik Maluko’s crazy version on a mirror debating and trying to convince himself not fit society’s patterns and to stay aware of all the problems the EP Antiquado brings as its fuel.


*Robin Batista is a São Paulo-based designer and AFROPUNK’s contributor.
Instagram: @robinbatista

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