video premiere: ballroom culture shines in punk adams’ voguing anthem ‘corner store’

Punk Adams’ latest video is a dancehall friendly, but low-key ball anthem brought above ground. “Corner Store” is the perfect segway into ball culture with its pop-oriented melodies and gentle crescendo leading up to a lavish dance break. No idea WTF voguing is? Just sit back and watch Punk Adams and co do their thing and liven up the streets of New York with their flawless moves. “My vision is to introduce the Ballroom scene to mainstream. I want people to look into the culture and be inspired, Just As I was growing up.”

Watch the video for ‘Corner Store’ below and check out more from Punk Adams, here.

Photo by Javrey Benjamin

serpentwithfeet featured on new version of björk’s ‘blissing me’

The spectacularly spiritual and thoughtfully haunting Serpentwithfeet makes a surprising appearance on a recent version of Björk’s ‘Blissing Me’, an ethereal modern-day love song about falling in love via text message, naturally. Taken off of the Icelandic singer’s upcoming ‘Utopia’ album, her so-called “Tinder album” (aww?). The original version of the track boasts a music video directed by avant-garde fairytale wonder Tim Walker, too, but this Serpentwithfeet remix brings a whole new soul-filled dimension to the track.

Shout out to AFROPUNK alum Serpentwithfeet for the heavenly collaboration, here’s to more in the future.

west african folk stories are beautifully explored in electro-soul artist diamant ballou’s mini-ep ‘black belle’

I’m a sucker for a good concept album. On her latest EP, UK-based Diamant Ballou draws on her Ivorian heritage to re-imagine West African folk tales, with songs contrasting the cultures and sounds of the two characters as they navigate a relationship. It’s a beautiful story that smartly makes use of Ballou’s musical and cultural influences to craft characters and worlds that demand deeper exploration. Stream the tracks now via Soundcoud.


premiere: sexiness is at its most infectious where soul meets electropop in jodie abacus’s “meet me in the middle”

Hailing from South London, Jodie Abacus fuses a voice full of soul with the catchiest of funk to create a new genre-defying sound that will bless your ears. His latest single, “Meet Me In The Middle”, describes another sort of blessing, and the song is as sexy as the encounter it describes. From his forthcoming EP Mild Cartoon Violence, “Meet Me In The Middle” brings an electronic groove reminiscent of Pharrell Williams to detail an irresistible desire to meet with a lover, to irresistible results.

“What can I say about Meet Me in the Middle without getting too graphic,” Abacus says to AFROPUNK. “It’s a sexy song about the desire of two people that are far away from each other yearning to be close to one another. If you want the X rated description you will have to wait till after 9pm!”

Take a listen to the infectious track below!:

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