uk hard rockers dead man’s knee are all about ‘pleasure’ in new single

By Dein Moore*, AFROPUNK Contributor

‘Pleasure’ is Dead Man’s Knee’s no-holds barred hard rock debut single that lyrically sets out to explore the shame prevalent in rock and roll over its hedonistic past.

I had found out about this band through a friend of mine and have been really hooked on their delivery, power and presence. There are not many black lead rock bands in UK but as someone who is also in a black lead band I felt a certain kinship to that fact and they’re also really good and totally worth a listen.

Now with their latest single, I’ve had the ‘pleasure’ 😉 to listen in first and I have to say There’s a freewheeling sense of experimental progression akin to Funkadelic, and a contemporary hard rock edge like QOTSA at their most Led Zeppelin, but frontman Del’s vocal approach recalls the rootsy body singing of Chuck Berry and Little Richard. It all combines to make a fearsome three minute head banger that’ll have you shaking out on to the streets, bopping to your nearest dive bar to break every new years resolution you thought you were serious about.

I’m quite excited to hear what comes next and here’s you can also have a listen in too:

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