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Underground System

août 25, 2019 1:00 août 20, 2019 2:15
Owing their foundations to traditional afrobeat (and named after a Fela Kuti song), the female-fronted group has built an international reputation around a seamlessly executed stage show, astonishing wherever they go, and compelling crowds to move with unbridled verve.

Robbing american “afrobeat” of its derivative formalism, Underground System continues to reinvent their brand of global dance music, remaining a force determined to recreate, redefine, and reconstruct.

In September 2018 the band released their debut LP What Are You on Soul Clap Records, the much-loved New York City imprint known for their coupling of party-ready DJ culture and shapeshifting live acts. Departing from the extended forms formally associated with Underground System’s live performances and stylistic roots, this album is a deep 10 track look into the group’s mix of talented personnel and profound sonic diversity. Hints of afrobeat, no wave, world, electronic, contemporary classical, disco, house, and genre-defying elements combine tightly to reflect a self-aware, edgy, and cohesive statement not currently being made by any other band. In June 2019, a 12” remix EP for the track Just A Place will drop on Soul Clap Records with remixes from Gerd Janson, Greg WIlson, Sol Power All Stars, Soul Clap, and Peter Matson will be released on Soul Clap Records.

What Are You was received with international acclaim, landing Underground System a primetime slot at French tastemaking festival Transmusicales in 2018. This summer (2019) the band embarks on their first European tour