AFROPUNK is an influential community of young, gifted people of all backgrounds who speak through music, art, film, comedy, fashion and more. Originating with the 2003 documentary that highlighted a Black presence in the American punk scene, it is a platform for the alternative and experimental. Remaining at the core of its mission are the punk principles of DIY aesthetics, radical thought and social nonconformity. AFROPUNK is a voice for the unwritten, unwelcome and unheard-of, redefining the urban experience.

Is the festival rain or shine?
Yes, the festival is a rain or shine event.

What time does the festival start?
Please download the AFROPUNK app for the most up-to-date setlist and times.

What time does the festival end?
All entertainment will end at 2:00 AM

Are there rules to attend AFROPUNK?
AFROPUNK abides by the tenets: NO SEXISM, NO RACISM, NO ABLEISM, NO AGEISM, NO HOMOPHOBIA, NO FATPHOBIA, NO TRANSPHOBIA, NO HATEFULNESS. We strive to create a safe space for all behind, on, and in front of the stage. Please alert security or an AFROPUNK staff member if you see or experience anything at AFROPUNK that compromises these tenets.

What are Solution Sessions?
A unique space within the weekend’s programming that provides opportunities offered like that of a social salon: to inspire, engage, inform, and rally around the importance of civic participation and diverse thinking. Curated talks encourage attendees to envision themselves making a difference and supporting social innovations, addressing a myriad of topics, issues, and concepts that are solution-based. Solution Sessions will be held in the Women’s Jail at Constitution Hill on 28 and 30 of December. Admission is FREE, so please RSVP today before seats are gone.

What are the Gate and Box Office Hours?
Gates opens at 1pm and shut at midnight on both Monday and Tuesday.
The Box Office will be open from 12pm until midnight on both Monday and Tuesday.

Is AFROPUNK an all ages event?
Of course, no AGEISM. However, minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Is there re-entry to the festival?
There is no re-entry to the festival.

Do I get a wristband upon entering the venue?
General Admission Weekend and Single-Day ticket holders will receive a wristband upon entering the festival. If you are a Weekend ticket holder, when you receive your wristband, do NOT remove it until after the festival, if you remove it you will not be allowed into the festival. Your wristband is also your cashless card for the weekend that you can top up with money to spend with vendors and at bars.

Are you Cashless again this year?
Yes! What does this mean? That means all bars, vendors, and food will be using our cashless system via Howler. Top up online before the event using credit card or EFT.

How to:
STEP 1: Sign up at and click “Top up” within My Wallet. Howler finds all your tickets using your email address, if you can’t see your ticket, simply add the relevant email address in My Account. Alternatively, you can manually enter the ticket barcode number. You can pay using card or EFT and your credits will reflect on the ticket.

STEP 2: These credits will be applied to your cashless card or wristband when you arrive at the event. The more that you load at once, the less you’ll miss out – any left over money can be cashed out online. (Sometimes a small fee may apply). To avoid having to keep visiting a topup station, we suggest topping up what you’ve budgeted to spend at the event from the get-go.
STEP 3: Tap your card or wristband to pay at any bar, merchandise, or food trader to instantly complete your transaction. No pin, no incorrect change, no cash needed.

Please note there is a one-time R10 fee for cashless RFID wristband. This will be deducted from monies added to the card.

Can I upgrade to VIP?
If you bought a general admission ticket and would like to upgrade while VIP tickets are still on sale, please contact Howler’s support team on or 011 880 2199 to request an upgrade.

What is the SpinThrift Market?
A thoughtfully curated DIY marketplace showcasing the best and brightest talents from the maker community and sparking connections between community and craftspeople. Learn more about the SpinThrift Market here.

Where are the ATMs located?
Please note, this year’s festival will be CASHLESS. Patrons will be required to use a Howler Card to purchase from all vendors including the bar. THERE WILL BE NO ATMS ON SITE!

May I pay with cash at the festival?
Remember, this year’s festival will be CASHLESS. Patrons will be required to use a Howler Card to purchase from all vendors including the bar. To load your card before the festival, click here. Patrons can purchase and load Howler cards on site at the festival.

Where are the restrooms?
The restrooms are located on Sam Hancock St. near The SpinThrift Market.

Where is the best place to grab a bite?
Bites&Beats is the hot spot for food at AFROPUNK.

Will there be vegetarian/vegan items?

Are there water stations?
Yes, there will be water stations at the festival. One next to the Merch Booth and near guest services; bottom of the kidney stairs. Please download the AFROPUNK app for the latest Patron Map.

Where is the Merch Booth?
The Merchandise Store is located near the main bar; the bottom of the Stairs of Africa. Please download the AFROPUNK app for the latest Patron Map.

Who do I contact about volunteering?
If you are interested in working at the event in the future, please email or check out our site where you can sign up to volunteer next year.

Can you tell me more about the Earn-A-Ticket Program?
Our 2019 Earn-A-Ticket Program is now closed for 2019.

Where is the Medical Tent?
The Medical tent is located at the bottom of the kidney stairs next to guest services near the main entrance. Please download the AFROPUNK app for the latest Patron Map.

Where is Lost and Found?
During the event, please go to The Lost and Found booth located next to Guest Services. Please see the Patron map within the AFROPUNK app. After the festival, please email and put “LOST AND FOUND” in the subject line with a detailed description of your missing item(s) to claim.

Can I take public transportation?
Yes, Police & JMPD visibility will be placed along the route between the Gautrain station & ConHill. This is not a fully secured route so please be mindful of your surroundings and stay in secure areas.

Where can I park?
Parking for DPSA/ADA can be accessed on Precinct Road C on Joubert Street, allocated parking is on Level E ONLY. The cost to part is R50 each day. You can buy parking ahead of time here.

Where do I buy my parking ticket?
All parking tickets (including DPSA/ADA) can be purchased online through Howler’s website or at the venue onsite for R50 per day.

Where is the best place to call a Taxi/Rideshare?
At the Main Entrance of the festival located on Joubert Street. We have 3 collection points named points “A,” “B,” or “C” for the Uber/taxify to collect patrons. If you miss your pick-up point, your driver will loop and pick you up at point C which is at the peak of the hill on Joubert.

Is the Festival accessible to people with disabilities?
Yes, the main DPSA/ADA main entrance can be accessed on Joubert Road through Precinct C. Patrons to request for DPSA/ADA accreditation upon arrival, on the days of the event.

Where do I get my accessible pass and parking?
DPSA/ADA to the main event area is through the VIP entrance. Parking can be access up Precinct C on Level E ONLY. You can print out your pass before the festival, or show your pass on your mobile to have direct access into our parking structures for the festival. Parking can also be purchased on arrival.

Where are accessible restrooms?
Accessible restrooms are available at both sets of toilets on Sam Hancock & Precinct Road D.

What you can bring in:

  • One recyclable (non glass) container for water (not two, or three or four or any quantity over one)
  • Small bags & Framed backpacks used for carrying children are fine but backpacks are discouraged – Large backpacks will not be allowed in.
  • Small purses and clear bags

What you may NOT bring in*:

  • Weapons (guns, knives, or any weapons of any kind)
  • Fireworks or explosives
  • Illegal substances
  • Glass containers or cans
  • Framed or Large backpacks, book bags or non-transparent bags over hand size (any bag that is not clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC and over 12”x6”x12” in size will not be allowed)
  • Food or drinks of any kind – other than reusable water bottles
  • Coolers or picnic baskets
  • Lensed cameras, long lens cameras or professional photography equipment
  • Any type of travel friendly chairs or other lawn furniture
  • Bicycles, scooters* or other personal motorized vehicles (including, but not limited to: motor scooters, powered skateboards and hoverboards) *Motorized wheelchairs and personal mobility scooters are welcome, of course.
  • Radios, boomboxes, instruments or devices with amplified sound.
  • Large multi-person umbrellas (personal umbrellas for rain protection are fine.)
  • Laser pointers
  • Tents
  • Pets of any kind (except for working service dogs)
  • Items for vending. Unauthorized vendors will not be allowed. All authorized vendors have been carefully chosen for safety and quality.

*None of these items will be permitted on the premises, and you will be prohibited from entering if anything listed is in your possession.