Yanga Yaya

The Doberman Boys


At Beadz By Flex we design, manufacturers & distribute handcrafted contemporary beaded & brass Jewelry & accessories.

Our product range are Gemstone, Rosewood, commercial wood bracelets, anklets, necklaces, rings & earrings. Every jewelry piece is handmade from scratch by myself & a few youths from an nearby community.

Our products can be found @ Made in SA (OR Tambo, Sandton, African Origin), Africa Joy (White River), Energy Emporium (Craig Hall), Hello Africa (Maboneng)

Alpha Btch

A Cape Town raised, Johannesburg based, partnership of creatives. 
At Alpha Btch, we like to think of every textile as a canvas. To us, soft home furnishings are one more way to bring art into your home.

We strive to keep our service personal, which means we are happy to speak to you about how our product can suit your personal style and budget. Feel free to pop us an email or contact us via our social media.

We’re building this mindfully and taking our time. Careful to nurture our joy and not push ourselves purely for the rat race.

Ark of O Design

Ark of O designs is an African textiles and fashion company founded by a husband and wife team who are passionate about telling African stories through print and fashion.Our products range from Apparel, Head wraps, headties, textiles jewellery and accessories made from the South African Seshweshwe fabric.


ndlovukazi is all about empowering women in all the traditional way,from head to toe.

Sister Scifi

Sistah Scifi is a cauldron of all things afrofuturism; afro-mysticism; Black sci-fi; and voodoo casting spells to uplift literature written by Black women.

Urban Zulu

The direct translation of the word “Zulu” means Heaven. Urban Zulu embodies the ideal of the Urban Heaven. Inspired by the spiritual, connected to the beauty and texture of the physical, Urban Zulu reflects the balance between the higher ideals of love and unity and practical functionality. The “Urban” element of the brand speaks to the fast paced lifestyle demands of modern living. Our clothes remain functional and relevant in contemporary society, yet still reflect the unique nuances of our African identity.

Wolf & Maiden

Wolf & Maiden is a concept in conscious evolution. An impassioned salute to the craftsmanship of old, with a design ethos embedded firmly in the future’s gaze.

Made from sustainable natural materials of the highest quality, each of our fine handcrafted products is designed to luxuriously evolve with its owner, fusing flawless functionality with timeless beauty. Devoted to the aesthetics of both simplicity and sumptuousness, our vision is to create items that tell a story – one rich in texture and alive with meaning. You are invited to become part of their story, as they become a part of yours…