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Premiere! The Seshen’s Achingly Gorgeous New “Hold Me”

August 24, 2023
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“All the parts we didn’t see
Come crashing down between you and me
We settle down, we need to take some time”


There’s a palpable love at the heart of The Seshen’s music. The 6 piece collective’s songs are full of rich arrangement details, heart-rending melodic detours, and surprising turns of phrase. Across their entire discography, you can hear the care that goes into every note. On their latest, the achingly gorgeous “Hold Me,” the band’s empathic bent turns inward, as they interrogate the central relationship between vocalist Lalin St. Juste and bassist / producer Akiyoshi Ehara.


When Lalin came out in 2020, it marked the end of her marriage to Akiyoshi, but the beginning of a new phase in their long-running creative partnership. The songs that came out of the early pandemic, when everything felt uncertain and the future impossibly unknowable, are filled with a longing; a sense that on the other side of pain, there’s something to hope for. The band takes Lalin’s vocals, which always pull off a levitation half-way between grounded and ethereal, and swirls synths and dense percussion around them. There’s a constant sense throughout “Hold Me” like the ground could give way at any moment, the jagged beats could lose their footing and spiral out into the ether, but the pull of the emotion at the song’s center keeps it all together, as it transforms into something new.


Singer Lalin St. Juste explains: “‘Hold Me’ is about that moment before loss – the hope, the longing, the desire for love to stay. During the separation between Aki and I, we held onto each other to navigate the darkness …a darkness that was dizzying, disorienting, and unfamiliar. We held on to each other and found our way out. This song is about connection even in the face of change.”



“Hold Me” comes from The Seshen’s forthcoming Nowhere full length. Follow the band @theseshen for more.