Jonathan Weiner


Magnolia Park Push Themselves To Extremes On Dual EPs ‘SoulEater’ and ‘MoonEater’

August 22, 2023

Florida’s rising pop-punk titans Magnolia Park exist at extremes. Their best cuts marry heavy subject matter with sugar-coated melodies and production. With their latest suite of double EPs, the band splits themselves down the middle. SoulEater is the poppier of the two. The synths that have always existed at the margins of their guitar-heavy sound are pushed to the front. While on MoonEater, the band takes the darker corners of their sound and lean fully into it. The two EPs don’t so much paint a portrait of two different bands as much as two different angles to look at the same band. Impressively, even when they take the biggest stylistic risks, they’re always Mag Park.

The sing-along hooks on SoulEater may be bigger than ever, but the band hasn’t exactly gone posicore. The EPs highlights “Manic” and the sublime emo-punk of “Wishful Thinking” chart the fallout from failed relationships. Even when the melodies and production lean bright, vocalist Joshua Roberts keeps his heart on his sleeve.



On MoonEater, the bright synths of SoulEater curdle into industrial to deliver some of the boldest songs of the young band’s career. Roberts’ voice tears at the seams, while the band turns everything to full. “Do Or Die” and “HeartStopper” push the band into unexplored territory, angular riffs cutting against the production in a way that references and transcends the band’s early 2000s influences.



The pace of Magnolia Park’s new releases is absolutely dizzying. They say you never know when you’re in the middle of a golden age, but watching them push themselves to new heights with each new release, it’s clear the band is in the middle of something great. SoulEater / MoonEater point in a dozen directions the band might be headed next, all of which are exciting. Whatever comes next, this is Magnolia Park’s game now.


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