Nico Hernandez


Jean Dawson Becomes “Nightmare” on His Transcendent New EP

August 17, 2023

“You’re always dreaming
Trying to find the meaning
What if there’s no meaning?”


The always boundary-pushing Jean Dawson’s new project finds him turning inward to push his own boundaries. The EP trilogy kicked off with “XCAPE” in May where the polymath became Phoenix, a boy bristling against his world. On his latest, “DESTRUCTION FOR DUMMIES,” Dawson casts himself as “Nightmare” to deliver some of his most emotionally raw material to date. His mercurial sound adds a psychedelic flavor to the mix, with songs that are heavy on atmosphere. Following the angular drive that carried part 1, “NO SCOPE” is a stunner. Detuned pianos float in and out around densely tracked vocals that question the reality of the waking life. Even when Dawson pushes the energy on the standout “X-Ray,” his vocals keep it simultaneously sonically expansive and emotionally introspective before dissolving in the frayed “VEXED.” The noise in the margins finally take center as the EP hits its climactic notes, and then self-destructs completely. Part 3 cannot come soon enough.




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