Even When Sha’Carri Richardson Sprints, She’s Running A Marathon

August 28, 2023

In 2021, Sha’Carri was disqualified from competing at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo after testing positive for THC. For this, her disqualification was opined damn near to death. “She shouldn’t have been smoking in the first place”, “She’s not focused enough on her craft”, and more were some of the many suggestions made about her around the time.

It’s one thing to be embarrassed in private, but that can be even more debilitating when you present as a confident woman. Known not only for her speed but for her bold and bright looks, Sha’Carri’s 1-month suspension came as a shock and disappointment.

2023 marks Sha’Carri Richardson’s great return

Sha'Carri Richardson celebrates winning 100m gold at the 2023 World Athletics Championships

(Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

At the time of her suspension, she promised that she would never find herself in a similar situation again – and clearly, she meant it! Richardson took the experience in stride, accounted for her actions, went back to train, and became the world’s fastest woman at the track and field 2023 World Athletics Championships on Monday 21, 2023 in Hungary, Budapest.

Not only did she take home a gold medal, she set a record of 10.65 seconds in the final! Of her performance, Sha’Carri said to the press, “From the beginning of the journey, I’m honored, I’m blessed, it was a great competition and brought out the best in myself. I’m not back, I’m better, and I’m going to continue to be better.”

Atonement, introspection, and grace make all the difference in life

Whether or not you agree with the rules around marijuana in track, Sha’Carri agreed to abide by them. When she didn’t, she accepted responsibility, but she didn’t wilt into the background.

While many are looking forward to  Paris 2024, Sha’Carri still has to be selected to represent the United States at the games next year. Nevertheless, her recent win makes it impossible to overlook or dismiss her talent as a sprinter. In returning to the sport as a champion and with an air of grace, not only has she communicated her prowess, she’s made her grit and resilience irrefutable.

Sha’Carri Richardson may have been sprinting, but she played the long game, she’s participating in life’s marathon. We may have only seen her 10.65 seconds of glory, but she’s been running to this moment and more since she decided to become a professional sportswoman. In close, whether or not you can actually run a marathon, if you enjoy getting your lick back, Sha’Carri’s win is a win for us all!

Featured image by AP PHOTO/ASHLEY LANDIS



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