Amindi Announces New Mixtape,  “TAKE WHAT YOU NEED” Out September 15th.

August 2, 2023

One of the most breakout artists, Amindi has announced an upcoming mixtape “Take What You Need” scheduled for 15th September as a release date. The mixtape is a culmination of her favorite songs that have been recorded over the past two years and gives a glimpse into her growth as an artist.  Through its diverse, almost-random tracklist, the project aims to illuminate different aspects of Amindi as a person and artist, offering an expansion and evolution of who Amindi is since making nice.

As an appetiser, Amindi dropped a new single “Diddy Crop”, the second single from the project after “Green House”. Explaining the song’s title, Amindi says “P. Diddy is notorious for skillfully-editing people out of his photos, and I think it’s hilarious and valid. In this song, I say ‘I crop a nigga out like Diddy.’ I’ll make it look like you were never here, dummy.

We had a pleasure of sitting with Amindi to talk about her creative process when working on “Take What You Need”.

AFROPUNK: Congratulations on your upcoming single “Diddy Crop”! Could you share with us the inspiration behind the song and how it came to life during the creative process? 

Amindi: Thanks a lot. P. Diddy is such a funny human being to me, and him cropping particular people out of photos he’s in before posting them is just one reason why. Inspiration for the song came from applying that method to wastemen IRL.

AP: Can you give us a glimpse into the theme and message you wanted to convey through this particular song? 

Amindi: I didn’t have a real message for this one! I was just speaking my truth. I guess if I were to really look for one, I’d say that the message is to not settle for bare minimum & to feel yourself fully, always. (Or at least try really hard to.)

AP: “Diddy Crop” is a part of your upcoming project. How does it fit into the overall narrative or concept of the project? What can listeners expect from the project as a whole? 

Amindi: The fun thing about the project is that there is absolutely zero narrative or concept. It’s a mixtape in its truest form. I took a bunch of songs I’ve made over the past year or 2 & clumped them together because I like them a lot. It’s called Take What You Need and, with that in mind, listeners can expect an array of genres & themes. I’ve been describing it as trail mix; they all work together well enough, but if you ever “just” want an M&M or an almond, I definitely got something on there for you.


AP: We’ve noticed that your music often blends various genres and styles. Can you tell us how you experimented with your sound in the upcoming project and what unique elements you’re excited about? 

Amindi: I wouldn’t say I’m “experimenting.” I’m hesitant to elaborate for fear of sounding pretentious and artist-y, but…] I’m multidimensional with so many influences that reside in so many different worlds—it’s only natural that what comes out of me either melds or spotlights those influences on any given song. The music on TWYN is inspired by rap, alt/indie rock, reggae, and bluegrass. I’m excited about all of it.

AP: Collaborations can often play a significant role in shaping the direction of a project. Did you work with any producers or artists while creating “Diddy Crop”? How did their involvement influence the final product? 

Amindi: I recorded the song in 2021 with the producers: SuperSmashBroz, EZM, and jonnywood. They made the beat, I was hooked immediately, and then I wrote & recorded the song pretty quickly the same night. This summer, I revisited it with my friend Henry Was, and he helped me find pretty harmonies for it. Slozza (literal genius) engineered that session. Erick Bardales mixed and mastered the song & was super patient with me to get it sounding perfect. 

For Amindi, the sheer breadth of her multifaceted project makes sure there’s something for everybody to enjoy—for everyone to, like the title says, take what they need. Take What You Need includes features from Kenny Mason, Chlothegod, Jordan Ward, and Franny London, just to name a few, electrifying the project with lyrical and sonic contributions that capture the breadth of creativity Amindi seeks to create.

You can stream the “Diddy Crop” over here.