Jeff Moses


Premiere: Mega Ran’s Latest “Recess” Is Pure Joy

July 27, 2023

From his earliest tracks, an unfettered expression of joy has been a core part of Mega Ran’s music. On his latest cut, “Recess,” Mega Ran enlists an enviable list of collaborators to capture what might be his most pure expression of childhood joy to date. Kicking off with a massive horn riff and an infectious ska upstroke, Ran’s vocals summon the freedom of play. In a society where we’re told to devalue anything that doesn’t generate capital for the allmighty market, the reminder that it’s kinda messed up that play is something we leave behind in adulthood is positively radical. It almost feels wrong to listen to this song on headphones and not outdoors with speakers blaring. “Recess” hails from Mega Ran’s forthcoming Buddy’s Magic Toy Box, due out September 15th.



Mega Ran says of the new single: “Recess was definitely my favorite time of the day as a kid. Even now, when I get to take my own son outside on breaks, he just lights up. Kids need outside time like they need food and naps, it’s just so natural. This song makes me wanna run around in circles on somebody’s playground every time I hear it!”


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