Olivia Slaughter


Move’s Latest “1,000,000 Experiments” Is Hardcore At Its Most Essential

July 20, 2023

“Re-imagine and rebuild this state of decay”


Despite Greg Graffin’s best efforts, music is rarely a good venue for a truly comprehensive nuanced essay. That goes double in hardcore which lends itself best to manifestos and declarations. It’s a scene rich in songs calling for revolution and tearing things down but far rarer is what Boston hardcore act Move has accomplished with their latest: imagining what comes after the revolution. Their new single “1,000,000 Experiments” takes the fury of their earlier singles and turns it towards a hopeful vision of the post-revolution world.


Inspired by Mariam Kaba’s work, the cut off the band’s forthcoming Black Radical Love doesn’t lose an ounce of their patented intensity. Through the ferocity, the song calls for resilience and growth and a reminder that a revolution is not the end goal but the first step towards building a better world. Vocalist Corey Charpentier’s words cut like splintered glass through a wave of distortion, not just a call to action against oppressive systems but a call to action for an ongoing and personal revolution.


Charpentier explains: “Revolution is not just about the destruction but the rebuilding of systems that truly care about the people and we felt it was necessary to include that.”



Black Radical Love is due out August 11th. Follow Move on socials @rmove_bhc for more.