SPEW’s ‘Cradle To The Grave’ EP Is As Raw As It Gets

June 30, 2023

where you gonna hide when we break these chains?


SPEW, the hardcore side project of polymath producer Tony Bontana specializes in a taut hyper-distorted sound that is all killer no filler. On their latest Cradle To The Ground EP, the band’s songs never break the one minute mark, detonating in a crash of righteous noise. Bontana’s vocals roar out like shrapnel, demanding revolution on the title track. It’s fierce and ferocious and as raw as it gets. The band is reportedly at work on a full length due out next year.


Bontana says of the EP “Cradle To the Grave is an EP instilling SPEW’s Message. We represent minorities / the fuck ups who want better for themselves and those around them / The weird kids that no one understands. Music is our religion and we’re searching for self with each release”


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