Matthew James Wilson


Shamir’s Latest Finds Healing in the Comfort of an “Oversized Sweater”

June 16, 2023

So I cuddle in the space
Of my oversized sweater

And sing until I believe in love again


Shamir’s music defies categorization, marrying classic alt rock with future-looking aesthetics and a zeal for experimentation. Last year’s Heterosexuality has proven an album that deepens with each listen. On his latest, “Oversized Sweater,” Shamir fully commits to not just the comfort of the titular garment, but the comforting nostalgic wash of 90’s alternative. In a video and production that nods heavily to Shamir’s youth, the song perfectly captures that feeling of retreating into comfortable things to heal. With a hook for the ages, the song transcends its own nostalgia, crafting a balm for the anxieties of the now. “Oversized Sweater” hails from his forthcoming Homo Anxietatem due out in August.

Shamir explains “The first quarter of 2020 before lockdown I felt a lot of anxiety. I was fresh out the psych ward and had quit smoking weed and cigarettes cold turkey. I spent the first couple months of 2020 knitting this huge baby blue sweater. It’s basically a wearable security blanket that I used to channel all my anxiety into.”



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