Kenna Lee Jones


The Hallucinatory Beauty of Lutalo’s “Familiar Face”

April 21, 2023

Walked into a portal made of sound
Felt the shifting of the broken ground


Lutalo’s music is filled with juxtapositions of beauty and disorientation. Swooping synths and dreamlike drums float beneath otherwordly guitars, simultaneously jagged and delicate. Ther voice is often equal parts grounded and ethereal, which amplifies the surreality of new single “Familiar Face.” The lyrics are abstract, but clear, painting a picture of wandering through a hallucinatory world and grasping at understanding. The lens of alt rock, folk, and electronica distorts and warps alongside the song’s reality. Fitting for a track Lutalo describes as coming out of a period of existential contemplation, saying “I tend to grapple with a lot of existential questioning, I wanted to capture what it feels like to be a twenty-something in this time period, reflecting on our relationship with technology, the Internet, relationships, world governments, housing…all while discovering what it means to be an adult and how our definition of what that looks like begins to shift.”



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