Nico Hernandez


Jean Dawson Returns Triumphant With “GHOST*”

February 24, 2023

“I eat the whole world with one bite”


Fresh on the heels of one of 2022’s best releases, the inimitable Jean Dawson is back with “GHOST*.” The world’s preeminent purveyor of asterisks has charted a unique path in the scene, forging a sound that is all his own. The pixellated alt rock Dawson perfected on CHAOS NOW* is in full display here, with his searching lyrics delivered in his slow motion snarl. The track has a minimal arpeggiated guitar line that calls back to the 90’s heyday, but enveloped in the artist’s digital warmth and texture. It may pay homage to the past, but the cut has a sound that’s firmly focused on the future. Over the past 2 years, Jean Dawson has established himself as one of the decade’s most consistently great alternative artists. With “GHOST*” that winning-streak shows no sign of stopping.



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