5 Guitar Pages To Check Out For National Guitar Day

February 11, 2023

National Guitar Day or #GetOutYourGuitarDay, falls annually on February 11th, and is both a celebration and a call to action for guitar lovers. The day encourages guitarists both newbies and professionals alike to pull their guitars out of the case and play. It is also a celebration of one of the most popular instruments worldwide. During the Covid lockdown, the guitar industry saw a huge jump in sales due to an influx of people wanting to learn. But now with restrictions easing, people getting back outside, and those New Year’s resolutions fading into the rearview mirror, we wanted to give you a bit of inspiration to grab your guitar. Here are 5 guitar pages on social media that will have you tapping into your inner Hendrix in no time.

Juno The Artist 

Chicagoan Juno the Artist’s Youtube videos landed her first professional gig playing for Fifth Harmony. Since then she has shared the stage with Camila Cabello, Bruno Mars, Keith Urban, Erykah Badu, and many more. To share her knowledge of guitar she created JUNO’s Guitar Bootcamp, a platform teaching the instrument to over 400 students in 12 different countries. She also has “Soulful Sundays” teaching classic R&B and Soul Guitar. While her IG lets you get to know the artist behind the guitar, her Youtube is full of various tips and brief lessons to get you going in your guitar journey. All delivered with the feeling of a cool friend sitting next to you teaching you guitar.


Working Class Music 

Hosted by Jason Mays and Tia Bailey, Working Class Music is one of our favorite destinations for gear reviews. The pair along with their producers, and guests serve up the perfect combo of humor, insight, skill, and unpredictability making it more than just another gear review show. Where the show really shines is how they take guitar gear, which can be overwhelming, and make it easy to understand. A must-watch before you grab a new piece of gear.


Kerry Marshall JR

Jumping on Youtube in 2010, Kerry 2Smooth Marshall Jr. wanted to share his style of guitar playing. A couple of years later he would be sharing the stage with the likes of Jason Derulo, Chrisette Michelle, Tori Kelly, and more. In 2017 he would take his experience and start Kerry’s Kamp, an online training platform for individuals wanting to learn R&B guitar. Kerry’s social pages compile his work, quick tips, clips from his youtube videos, etc. His Youtube is a treasure of quick R&B guitar lessons mostly built around helping one learn through popular songs.


Al Joseph

Al Joseph is a well-known and acclaimed progressive metal guitarist. For those wanting a little more edge to their playstyle, Al’s page showcases the chops that brought him so much attention. He offers coaching through his Shredfast academy which despite the name doesn’t only teach shredding. His Youtube lessons aren’t for newbies as things like speed picking and Lydian mode might sail over their heads, but for those wanting to add these techniques to their playing, they are here.


Gio The Virtu

And to throw one in just for pure fun, you can’t miss Gio the Virtu. While his Youtube says lessons will be coming soon, right now his socials are just amazing guitar covers of the geekiest things that will tickle every gamer’s fancy. Watch his guitar-shredding versions of Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell, or even Proud Family and you will be hooked and reaching for your guitar instantly.