AFROPUNK’s Artist You Should Know: 27Delly Shares New EP, “Wake Up”

January 27, 2023

27Delly never ceases to amaze with his ability to trailblaze a new path. His latest EP, Wake Up, is a smooth ride into the mind of one of Harlem’s youngest stars. Delly has found a way to create moments with his charm and musical talent for years. This time, he decided to do a complete 180 and make a project full of melodies and R&B-leaning tunes. With six tracks, 27Delly was able to satisfy his fans with a 13-minute audio adventure to show a more polished side of the youthful multi-hyphenate.

Every track on the album presents a new arena for 27Delly to play at the highest level. The project starts with an impressive OTP-produced smash entitled “Hit The Town.” The upbeat bass-heavy banger is a familiar sound for long-time 27Delly fans. Then shortly after, the project leads into Delly‘s Billboard-approved track, “Gimmie That.” The Caribbean-themed record is an ode to Delly‘s West Indian influences. Tracks like “High Road” and the TRAVI-assisted “Lambo On Fire” help keep the EP’s flow strong. We spoke to Delly about his new EP.

Outside of music, who is 27Delly?

27Delly outside of music is guyza. I smell good, get fly, and I love to build things out of my mind and into the community. I grew up always finding ways to be a part of new and cool stuff. I’ve been blessed for sure being able to make an impact in a lot of people’s lives for better or worse. I like to explore, experience, then express everything I do, and at the same time how I grew up I always  felt like less was best and to keep humble. So Ima mixture of ya sexy bravado and humble man who keep fresh and smell good.

You’re one of the first artists to catch on the NFT wave, how important is innovation to you in the music industry, and what are some of the rising trends do you think people should pay attention to?

Innovation is creativity and creativity is a way of life. It’s survival. The wave I caught with NFT’s was instinctual. I was always into tech and making money became more relevant as I became older so I began day trading some crypto. Once I saw a couple of my homies were using that crypto to sell and buy different collectibles I thought that was wavy. Some of these items were going for thousands and millions on resale. So I decided to link up with my friend Dayo and put out some creations I thought would contribute to the creativity of the space. I believe web3 has a wide array of tools and platforms many professionals across all mediums can utilize to their advantage. For my artists be on the lookout web3 platforms that offer you access to useful technology to your specific needs and an internal community. Also be ready to get your community involved in a major way with getting people and fans used to the technology.

How has technology changed the way you approach making music?

Technology changed the game for me. I sang in choirs and played instruments. Once I got into the tech of music I couldn’t get out. From plug-ins to digital ads to utilization platforms the possibilities are limitless. I’m always thinking about how I can take things further and solidify a working system between web 2/3 and irl.

You once described your album “Fly Since Birth” as “one of the best displays of swag in hip hop”, how would you describe your new offering “Wake Up”?

Wake Up is my peace offering to life. I lived on a high horse in life. I hurt a lot of people and was hurt by many myself. I realized it wasn’t all about swag and emotions mattered and stuff like that. The emotional intelligence started to kick in big time. So while I was capturing all these raw emotions through the music I had to show the world the growth.

You’re from Harlem, a place that has introduced legendary artists that have left visible handprints in the game, what legacy do you want to live in the game?

Empowering the community and not owning the community. The world isn’t ours to own. The more folks get in tune with this land was granted by the grace of God things ain’t gon never change. It’s not even about the religion of it but the spiritualism of the concept of being one. A community moving as one. Too many “legendary” artists just pimped out folks with no real power. So my legacy will be power , power to me , power to you, power to the community and most important power to the people.

What is the most enjoyable part of being an artist? Recording, touring or doing the press run?

The music and turning up with my friends. Seeing my girlfriend smile and dance around. That’s the most enjoyable part. Everything else iight. I make music for me and my folks and everyone else in the world on the same frequency. I got fans all over dancing to my records. Maybe one day we do a global flash mob or something crazy.

Which song would you say best describes the sound coming out Harlem right now?

The sound is jiggy coming out Harlem right now. A Rose in Harlem by Teyana Taylor describes the sound coming out Harlem. That regal music, but tough undertone and deep messages.

What lessons from Ferg, not only him as your brother but as an artist as well?

My brother taught me through experience. What I was able to learn from him was everything I seen him do and or go through. Number 1 thing I learned is that don’t depend on folks and get it while if you hungry enough for it.

What song is currently on repeat in your playlist?

The song currently on repeat on my playlist right now is all of my Spotify liked songs. I’m the type to play the same songs over and over. If something new getting added to the pot gotta be that heat.

To new listeners and new fans, what feeling would you like them to walk away with after hearing your music for the first time?

I want new listeners and fans to walk away with some emotional depth and understanding of themselves after listening to this project. Before all I wanted to do was motivate people to get their energy up and moving, but now I know through age there comes a balance you gotta find. Hence the last song on my last EP “Soulsettas” featuring Trendsetta Tre sometimes you gotta catch your balance.

27Delly’s involvement in the web3, web2, and crypto space has been heralded over the last year or so. His last single was serviced as an NFT, available now via Glass XYZ. There’s no limit to where Delly’s brain can go. He’s open to any idea that can promote growth. Fans never know what to expect from Delly sonically; they learn to expect greatness. Thankfully, the Harlem-bred MC is just getting started on his creative journey.

Turn off your alarm clock and press play on Wake Up HERE via 300’s Sparta Distribution today!