AFROPUNK PREMIERE: We Can’t Get Enough Of Delishia J’s New Single “Put You On”

January 27, 2023

Emerging Dallas-based R&B artist Delishia J is due to release “Monday Morning” EP on February 17th. After years of perfecting her craft, Delishia is proud to present the long-awaited project that takes the listener through the ups and downs of love at multiple levels. Delishia showcases her sultry vocals and ability to flow on Ralph Tiller-produced lead single “Put You On”.

Texas singer, songwriter, and producer Delishia J is an emerging artist with immense talent and range. The former collegiate athlete was inspired to pursue music after hearing Kehlani’s Cloud 19 mixtape. Delishia explains, “Kehlani’s pen inspired me to put my best foot forward, I was a collegiate athlete at TXST and the day I heard Kehlani’s mixtape “Cloud 19” my life was forever changed. Learning that she had written her own songs inspired me to step away from track and pursue music. Fast forward 6 years later and I’m finally releasing my first tape.” After years of honing her skills and developing as an artist–sharing stages with acclaimed acts suchasHTown, Adina Howard, Case, Link, and Shaun Mili–Delishia J is excited to introduce herself to the world with “Monday Morning.”

Tell us about your transition from being an athlete to becoming a musician, how’d that happen and what was the most challenging part?

From a young girl, I always knew how much I loved music, It was always what kept me sane during my childhood to the point where when I’d get in trouble it would become a part of my punishment. The transition from an athlete to a musician was actually seamless. In Highschool, I wanted to quit all my sports and focus on learning the piano. My aunt was a coach and instead of letting me quit, she allowed me to take up piano as well. So when the opportunity to follow my first love was presented to me in college it was a no-brainer. I decided the same day I quit that I wanted to focus my full efforts on music and I ran full steam.

What was your creative process for recording your EP?

My creative process varied during the crafting of my EP. Before I started working directly with producers, Half of my tape was created on beats I found on Youtube. During that time I was looking for inspiration, and I’d write and create multiple ideas/songs a day. My process on precomposed beats is focused on writing the verse and the hook. I tend to leave the second verse/bridge for a later date so I don’t feel like I’m rushing the song. For the songs “Put You On, First Night & Wanting You” I sat in my bed and wrote those songs while I listened to the beat.Fairly quick process because those lyrics just flowed out of me. As for “In Mind & Feel So Good, Stroke” I’m pretty sure I wrote those 3 songs within a 2 week span and they both started off from me getting on the mic and essentially freestyling the first verse and hook and then filling in the words. As for “Fell, Make love & Wanted” I had a camp and these songs came from those sessions. I freestyled and wrote the lyrics based on the freestyle and the producers crafted the tracks around the songs.

Your EP, “Monday Morning” is about reflecting and looking back at special moments. What moment in your musical journey is the most memorable so far?

In 2022, I performed an intimate show to about 50 people that didn’t know me, never heard me perform and the engagement absolutely blew me away, from the encores to them singing the hooks to my songs as if they’d heard it a million times, it was so beautiful. They didn’t know that it was my first show in Dallas and they showed so much love that it set a standard.

 As we’re kicking off 2023, are there any new trends/artists, or events you’re excited about?

I’m excited about R&B, I feel like R&B is stronger now than it has been in the past few years. From mainstream to underground R&B is thriving & I’m excited to hear the many sonics and songs that come from 2023. As far as events, I’m excited for Afropunk & I’m hoping Lights on fest happens this year, I’m excited for Rihanna, Doechii, Doja Cat, PND & Tray Haggerty.

What feeling would you like a new listener to have when they hear your music for the first time?

I want them to feel the excitement. I want them to experience the happy jitters when they replay my songs/tape. . I’ve played my tape for various people and their responses have been golden. They’re not expecting what they hear. As an artist, watching someone experience musical pleasure from listening to your songs is the most beautiful compliment/feeling you can receive. I want them to feel like they’ve found their new favorite artist.

Delishia’s writing is vulnerable and honest as she contemplates the inner thoughts surrounding her relationships. Throughout the album, Delishia showcases everything from her own style of rapping/melodic flows to her boundless vocal range singing w/ full harmony backing. You can stream Put You On right here: