Thomas Valles


Premiere! Pleasure Venom Fight to Find Truth “Behind Their Eyes”

November 29, 2022

Austin punk quartet Pleasure Venom is back with a vengeance. The outspoken collective’s releases have always thread the needle between a celebration of DIY ethos and sharp eviscerations of the modern age. Their latest, “Behind Their Eyes,” turns out a self-produced hallucinatory vision to one of their tightest performances to date. Directed by drummer Thomas Valles, the video melts and bends reality, while vocalist Audrey Campbell fights to see the reality of her surroundings. The contrast between the two elements makes for an explosive mix that signals exciting things for the band’s forthcoming new record.



Audrey Campbell tells us: “Religion, sex, politics, fascism, remote work, and everything in between engulf us, and left standing in the tides to tough it all out is YOU. What is truth and how do we seek it? What if the “truth” you believe in is a fucking lie? A betrayal? Does that piss you the fuck off? It pissed me off.

I asked myself all these questions as I sat down to write lyrics for this song. I usually silence my home and check in with myself, especially on writing days. Am I content or depressed? Scatter-brained from a bad ADHD day, or shitty memories, or nightmares from my past? The fucking trauma that can haunt and fuck with me at times….

“Behind Their Eyes” lyrics came to me in one of these times of reflection. The chaos of watching the news while walking through this world swim through that swirl of music. We hope “Behind Their Eyes” is as cathartic to listen and watch as it was to create.”


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