Fábio Fernandes


Premiere! Black Pantera Celebrate Black Brazilian Resistance With “LEGADO/LEGACY”

November 18, 2022

The superheroes of metal, Black Pantera are back with a new single to celebrate and memorialize Zumbi, the revolutionary King of Quilombo dos Palmares on the anniversary of his death in 1695. With their unequaled combination of razor sharp riffs and fierce unapologetic lyrics, the band’s latest “Legado” cements their own legend. Chaene da Gama’s bass is pushed to front, anchoring a melody line against Charles’ dissonant guitar and Rodrigo’s pummeling percussion. It’s a combination that creates moments of unexpected beauty underneath the vocal fire and calls to rise up. Following on the heels of this year’s highlight Ascensão, Black Pantera remains unstoppable.



The band explains: “Quilombo were communities made up of slaves who had fled from farms and plantations. These places became symbols of struggle and resistance of the Brazilian abolitionist movement. Zumbi was the warrior king of one of the largest quilombos in Brazil and Latin America. His story is not just a legend, but a symbol of Brazillian Black resistance.”

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