Smino Offers a Fresh Perspective on His New Project “Luv 4 Rent”

October 31, 2022

Smino has once again delivered an incredible project that is undeniably one in my top 2022 offerings. Luv 4 Rent is the Smino’s third album, and comes after 2018’s Noir and a string of features and singles. Smino is one of those artists you can’t put in a box because of how versatile his approach to music is. It’s no surprise that Luv 4 Rent is layered with rich unpretentious production, making the records fit for every occasion while sonically connected by a golden thread. With each listen over the weekend, I can’t say I have a “particular” song that’s my fave because Smino’s beat selection, arrangements, makes it hard to pinpoint that stand out song, instead the entire project flows seamlessly. Actually, the tail end of the Doechii & Fatman Scoop assisted song “Pro Freak” hits hard. Thematically, the LP details the different types of love that Smino has received and how he has lent out his heart to the world. Overall, Luv 4 Rent is a project that deserves to be on every type of playlist, and every song deserves radio spins.

Listen Below: