October 3, 2022

AFROPUNK came together with Ruffles® to celebrate artists who own their Ridges at the AFROPUNK Brooklyn Festival on 10-11 September. The four talented artists shared their Ridges (what makes them unique) at the OWN YOUR RIDGES® MAZE at the festival, showcasing their murals. Each exhibiting artist found inspiration in their unique stories to create artworks that have purpose and meaning.

Through the OWN YOUR RIDGES® platform, Ruffles has been on a mission to inspire people to unapologetically own what makes them unique – their “ridges.” The Own Your Ridges® platform is about embracing life’s obstacles because each person’s journey to achieving their goals is what makes them and their story unique. 

The festival-goers had the opportunity to enter the OWN YOUR RIDGES® MAZE and enjoy the dynamic works of art, learn about the artists behind the work, and be inspired to discover their own ridges.

The artists who showcased their uniqueness at the OWN YOUR RIDGES® MAZE in Brooklyn were:

Gianni Lee: Gianni’s Ridges is the refusal to be defined by one medium, with society wanting to neatly label him either as a painter or fashion designer. Gianna broke out as a multi-hyphenate artist.  Gianni has always been exhilarated to keep exploring his creative expression and Owns His Ridges by viewing them as not things to overcome but unique aspects to incorporate in his work. Gianni’s work is truly boundaryless, which can be seen in the plethora of ways he can express his creative gifts,  whether it’s in music, painting, photography, or clothes.

Victor Quinonez: Victor’s Ridge is his experience growing up with the challenges of violence, police brutality, and gangs from Juarez, Mexico to East Dallas, Texas. His path to creativity was laid through these tough circumstances and he chose art as a way to channel joy and pain. Victor fully owns his ridges and it fuels his journey as an artist by helping him carry on traditions from his homeland while bringing a fresh perspective and style that he calls, “Neo Indigenous”. His Ridge, now evolved into artistic expression, empowers him to connect cultural barriers authentically through visual dialogues while preserving his heritage through the art that lives on the streets for generations to come.

COVL: COVL’s Ridge is her grassroots hustle and delicate artistry, which is informed by her Latin culture and upbringing that colored her world. Considered unconventional from the start, COVL used pure imagination and color psychology to imbue a childlike playful spirit and sincerity in her art. COVL owns her Ridges through a body of work that constantly breaks from societal molds; she uses everything from words, sounds or movement to create art with beautiful complexities and intricacies- further pushing the limitations of expectations while sharing reasons it’s more fun to live a boundless, authentic creative life.

Ebony Bolt: Ebony’s Ridges include her intimate battle with self and a journey to understand her own inner world and mental health. Her focus changed from self to community and she developed a passion for driving awareness on the importance of mental health and education. Ebony Owns Her Ridges by using her art to inspire viewers to cultivate an awareness of their Own Ridges and for them to know that truly owning or accepting the multitudes we possess happens when we’re brave enough to self asses-not with criticism, but to hold space for all of who we are.