Grace Kelly


Premiere! Baby Baby Returns with the Raw, Catchy ‘U Good?’

September 14, 2022

It’s been a few years since BABY BABY shattered expectations and ear drums with their massive Semifamous record. But the downtime has clearly been good for the Atlanta legends. Coming hot off the heels of a series of singles this spring, their long-awaited full length U Good? pulls off the rare trick of matching the fun of their earlier records with a maturity in both songwriting and perspective.



Opening with one of the band’s trademark singalong choruses, singer/guitarist Fontez Brooks launches into a career highlight with “Next To Me.” Brooks’ lyrics wrestle with heartbreak, but the pop-punk core of the song transforms it into a mass catharsis. BABY BABY are always at their best when trading in big choruses and party anthems, and throughout U Good? the band swings for the fences. From the hometown celebration “Here” to the nostalgic defiance of “90s Stuff,” their highlights demand an audience response.

Unexpectedly, for a band who describes their bold mashing of pop-punk, garage, arena rock, and hip-hop as “fun rock,” it’s the songs on U Good? where their maturity shows through that shine brightest. From the struggling to act your age of the “Petty Mayonnaise” to the raw edges of “Girl Bye” and “Don’t Be Tardy To The Party” the heart of this record tap into a new depth. It’s closer “Fitted Sheets For The Lonely” where the crew pushes into the stratosphere, charting whole new territory. The song works a soul groove into their max-volume-shout-a-longs-and-riffs vibe to triumphant effect. Full of compelling and surprising twists and turns and one of their catchiest hooks to date, it’s the perfect exclamation point to the album’s declaration of freedom.


Fontez tells us, “This album is the response to the age-old question we’ve all been asked before: “Aye bro.. U Good?” Being able to tell your story is awesome. Being able to make your story catchy is special.”


U Good? is out everywhere September 16th. Grab your copy via Bandcamp and follow BABY BABY at @babybabyblows on Socials for more.