Gilbert Trejo


EKKSTACY’s ‘Misery’ Heralds a New Voice In Post-Punk

September 29, 2022

There are exactly two kinds of people in this world: those who crave pumpkin spice the second the leaves start to turn, those who crave upbeat songs with sad lyrics, and those who divide the world into overly simplistic binaries for no apparent reason. Into this divide steps Vancouver performer EKKSTACY, whose new record Misery is the perfect soundtrack to these shorter days.



Opening with the devastating “i just want to hide my face,” the AFROPUNK 2022 performer’s unique voice as a songwriter is crystal clear. Driving post-punk drums anchor a pulsating bass line, and guitars and synths so heavily distorted and draped in reverb to meld into one instrument. On top of that EKKSTACY’s heartbroken voice floats singing blunt lyrics about depression, isolation, and heartbreak with a sweetness that creates an eerie tension throughout the record. The best songs on Misery are frequently the ones that push that tension to its extreme.



Singles “i want to die in your arms” and “wish i was dead” may be as emotionally direct as they come. EKKSTACY casts off self-depreciating lines and morbid fantasies with a shrug and a half-smile. The instantly catchy hooks and kinetic drive envelop the listener. It’s bleak, but honest, and somehow inviting. This is the kind of record you want to sit with, headphones on, black coffee in hand, and just get lost in.


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