Premiere! BÖNDBREAKR Shines a Light on the Ferocious “POLITE SOCIETY”

August 30, 2022

With an unwavering intensity, the latest from Austin’s BÖNDBREAKR finds the hardcore quartet more than living up to their name. “POLITE SOCIETY” is a taut no-filler fireball thrown in the direction of a culture which prefers silence to justice. Lead singer Gerilyn “Hurricane G” Hayes delivers her vocals with the ferocity of a dragon spitting fire, while the band adds sly nods to thrash to their punk rock mayhem. It’s a perfect combination to wake up the indifferent and inspire the kind of rebellion that’s long overdue.



The band tells us, “‘Polite Society’ is a direct affront to all entities that uphold oppressive power structures in the Americas, particularly North America and the Southern states that lie within. I did not want to sugarcoat the reality that we all have found ourselves in. We, the People of the Native Lands and the African Diaspora, are in danger. And we need to call it like we see it.

We are often told to speak plainly, to not use jargon, to say what we mean, but to be polite. Yet there is nothing polite about systemic oppression, violence against women, the massacre of school children, government-sanctioned gender identity suppression, and the incarceration of people of color for political gain. I’m tired of people not saying these things plainly. Aren’t you?”


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