Jason Peterson


EKKSTACY’s Latest Post-Punk Driven Single “wish i was dead” Finds the Ecstasy in Agony

July 29, 2022

It’s all in my head and I cant get it out
I want to scream but I’m too quiet to shout
And I said it’s all too much for me
Sometimes I wish I was dead


There’s an unmistakable tension between the heart-rending lyrics and the joyful post-punk production of EKKSTACY’s latest. Over its brief runtime, the hook-filled “wish i was dead” drapes its existential plea in jangly guitars, and swirling synths, turning it into something celebratory, almost joyful. It turns the pain at the core of the song into an act of self-defiance and self-liberation. But most importantly: it’s just dope as hell.



“wish i was dead” hails from EKKSTACY’s forthcoming Misery due out September 30th. Follow EKKSTACY on socials @ekkstacy and grab your tickets to catch him at AFROPUNK Fest here!